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About Minds Explode Tutoring

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At Minds Explode Tutoring Inc., our mission is to provide revolutionary educational opportunities to students, allowing them to explore their full potential. Dr. Gabby, our experienced tutor, teacher, instructional designer, notary officer, loan signing agent, and aunty, has worked with students in various subjects for years, always emphasizing skills and strategies to make learning fun and effective. We focus on identifying and addressing the root cause of their struggles and work together to help them overcome those challenges. We believe every student has unique strengths and talents and should have the opportunity to shine.


When I decided to position my life towards greater fulfillment and purpose, it meant using my experience, skills, and passion for empowering young minds. I earned my Bachelor's in Creative Writing from the City College of New York, a Master of Science in Curriculum and instruction at St. John’s University, and a Ph. D in Instructional Design & Technology from Liberty University. I availed myself of the opportunity to motivate and educate underserved communities and continued to expand to other areas. I enjoy watching students grow, strengthen their reading, writing, and critical thinking skills, and, most importantly, build self-confidence in their ability to excel as intelligent individuals. Join me, and let's educate, inspire, have fun, and lead young scholars toward greater fulfillment and success!

Join me in my educational pursuit of instilling knowledge and creative ways to learn in our young scholars. 

Dr.  Gabby

Dr. Gabby
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