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About Minds Explode Tutoring Team

Committed to Your Satisfaction


Ms. Gabby

 Creative Writing Facilitator & ELA Tutor

Ms. Gabby, course designer, pastor, doctorate student, teacher, and tutor, is an experienced educator who has taught reading, writing, and intervention classes throughout the years. She is passionate about creating opportunities for students to step into their purpose and become individuals who will have a valuable impact on society. 


When I decided to position my life towards greater fulfillment and purpose, it meant using my experience, skills, and passion for empowering young minds. I earned my Bachelor's in Creative Writing from the City College of New York. I earned a Master of Science degree in Curriculum & Instruction at St. John’s University. I availed myself of the opportunity to motivate and educate underserved communities and continued to expand to other areas. It is a joy to be a 7th-grade English teacher. I enjoy watching students grow, strengthen their reading, writing, and critical thinking skills, and, most importantly, build self-confidence in their ability to excel as intelligent individuals. Join me, and let's educate, inspire, have fun, and lead young scholars toward greater fulfillment and success!

Miss Joan

ELA, Math, & Science Tutor

Miss Joan received her Bachelor of Science in Biology and Psychology in 2019 from the College of Staten Island, where she graduated with Cum Laude and was elected to the Verrazano Honors Program – a 4-year selective undergraduate honors program. She spent most of her academic years exploring and analyzing the Socio-Demographic risks associated with delayed development of social communication skills on high-medical risk infants/toddlers. From this, she expanded her passion for developing and coaching young minds. This passion of hers, landed her a Peer Coaching Position at college where she worked with 30 freshman students per semester to identify hindrances, inspire positive college experiences, and showed them how to build motivation, balance priorities, and manage time wisely. 


Rendering services brings her joy, hence; her serving in the Military as an American soldier. She does not only have a passion for serving her nation, but she also has a genuine interest in gaining experience in the education field specifically in teaching. Hence, her taking up a new role as a Science Educator at Success Academy Charter School. Her desire is to continue to inspire the next generation. In short, her teaching philosophy is: Creating a great learning environment to enable a productive and progressive role in student learning. Empowering her students by developing their ability to lead themselves and their fellow peers with respect and integrity as she provides a predictable and warm environment for them to learn. 


I look forward to working with you and your kids!

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