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Minds Explode Tutoring

Experience learning through personalized, gamified, and task-centered instruction with a learner-centered approach

About Minds Explode Tutoring 

Minds Explode Tutoring Inc. was created to bring a new future to educated young minds. When you are inquisitive, you will dig until you find something to wonder about even further. Minds Explode will spark that inquisition. We hope to introduce learning in a way that will give you an innate desire to be a confident self-learner and to have fun in all your endeavors. There is no rule book for having fun. Think, how do you envision your learning experience?

Let's help make it happen!

Tutoring Philosophy

We aim to promote a learning environment that develops students' success by being their support system and teaching them core skills they can apply to all subject areas as they build confidence in themselves to move forward in life and their future careers. 

"The ability for your mind to explode with intelligence comes from your innate desire to accomplish what may seem insurmountable to the natural eye."                                                                                                                                                                       -Ms. Gabby

Books for an exploding mind

We Want to Hear From You

Hi! My name is Cheyla. Ms. Gabby tutored me last week, and she helped me understand what I was reading. I think she was awesome!

Cheyla, Student

If you have any specific questions about Minds Explode Tutoring Inc., don’t hesitate. Contact us today.

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