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Enrichment Activities & Academics

In-Home or In-Person 1 Hour per Session

Choose: Chess, English as a Second Language for Spanish-Speaking Students, Public Speaking, Drama, English, Math, Science, and/or Social Studies


1 hour per session- $50

1.5 hours per session- $75

2 hours per session- $100

This program is for students who want to get ahead in their academics and strengthen their skills in various areas. Tutors will meet you in-your-home and provide an enrichment lesson for you. They will work with you at your current level and build with you to get to a higher level. 

*See Summer Package Dates



June 24th - July 13th


July 15th - August 3rd


August 5th - August 24th

Math Summer Boot Camp- Grades 3-5

Online or In-Person Sessions

45 mins per session

One-time Registration Fee for In-Person Sessions: $40

One-time Registration Fee for Online Sessions: $30

1x per week = $38 per session

2x per week = $34 per session

3x per week = $30 per session

This Math Summer Boot Camp for grades 3-5 is a combination of short intensive online sessions through video chat or in-person (public location) sessions. Tutors will focus on understanding and solving word problems, fractions, decimals, and percents. By the end of boot camp, students will have a strong foundation in these specific areas.

*See Summer Package Dates  

ELA Summer Explosion-
Grades 6-12

Online or In-Person Sessions

45 mins per session


For Middle School and High School students who received low/failing grades

(Grade D & below or 65% & below) in English Language Arts (ELA) on their last report card and need extra enrichment support and guidance to ensure they hit the ground running for the Sept. 2019 school year. Tutors will focus on reading comprehension, writing compositions, grammar, and spelling. Students will be prepared and self-confident that they are ready to face challenges because they are equipped with the skills they need to succeed. 

3x per week = $15 per session

4x per week = $10 per session

5x per week = $5 per session 



*See Summer Package Dates


Booking & Makeups Sessions:

For summer packages,you must commit to the amount of sessions booked per week. If you miss a session or if a student is unable to attend a session for any reason, students can makeup the session within the package deal time, depending on the tutor's availability. 

Refunds & Cancellations:

Due to tutor availability and travel, we do not offer refunds in the event that the student/parent ends the session or tutor does not have availability. However, we can offer you a credit option- where the unused amount may be used towards another activity/session within 3 months from the ended session or it can be used for a sibling.

Photographs and Videotaping:

I agree that the student may be photographed, filmed, videotaped, and recorded, during tutoring and other activities for the purpose of sharing it with yourself (the parent), promotional, marketing, or advertising purposes, including social media, the Minds Explode home site, and flyers. 

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