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Parental Purpose

At the playground

"A child's mind and time is a terrible thing to waste." Today think about: What thoughts occupy your child's mind? How does your child spend his/her time? I think is important for a child to recognize self-growth and that involves those two significant questions. Children should have enjoyable childhoods. Let them be inquisitive, ask questions about the world around them, read about it, watch videos and go on nature walks, etc. Are you giving your child this opportunity to grow and expand their thinking? Technology is at our fingertips and in the nail beds of the children. How are we using technology to help them grow? Sure, Netflix and YouTube are great because it is entertaining but we can do better. Let's not only give them entertainment, let's persuade them to go farther in their thinking and inform them of ways to achieve it. P. Persuade I. Inform E. Entertain Let's teach the children how to research, how to find answers for themselves and share it with their community. Use P.I.E and allow your child's mind to explode with greatness. Give them the opportunity at this early age and let them surprise you!

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